Saturday, October 14, 2006

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Is your President on crack?

Is your President on crack? He was hyped up and desperate sounding and just not making any real supportable defense in light of everything he/his administration have put forth before. He said the terrorists have chosen Iraq as a staging ground. [Newt Gringrich voice]Frankly, [/NGV] I don't think they'd (meaning Al-Qaeda, assuming that's what your President was trying to say) be there in any great numbers. Just starting troubles because our govt let them in.

What's the {bad} idea of people bringing up historical "parallels" to current situations? Bush is not Truman, nor is Iraq Sunni and Shia violence that much at all like American civil war enemies. Stop it, already. Just cuz something similar happened in the past doesn't mean the outcomes of current events will be the same.

Operation Swarm should have been called Operation "Look at what we're doing to stop civil war" Photo Op. Aren't you glad that your loved ones are being used in this way? Thank God mine are all on ships far the fuck away from there.

The U.S. military announced Thursday that it had launched the “largest air assault since the U.S.-led invasion” in 2003. As it turns out, however, it was little more than a photo op. According to Time magazine, “there were no airstrikes… no leading insurgents were nabbed… there were no shots fired at all,” and U.S. forces met no resistance.

Oh, bother.